February 2012 Events at Grace Point Church

Submitted by ken on Thu, 01/12/2012 - 09:39

Two events happening at Grace Point Church this February: First, a Marriage Conference, Feb. 3 - 4. On Friday, 6:00pm - 8:30pm, hear from the author of “Marriage Forecasting,” Professor Tim Muehlhoff. On Saturday, 3 sessions plus Q&A time, 9:00am - 3:30pm. Free Friday night childcare, no childcare Saturday. Cost: $35 couple. Sign up at (858) 481-0424 (or gpc@gracepointsd.com). Next is a Parenting Seminar on Friday, Feb. 24 from 6:30pm – 9:00pm. Dealing with Anger & Bad Attitudes in Children, & Their Parents! Childcare not provided. Cost is $20/adult or $30/couple. Register online at www.biblicalparenting.org/register or call (800) 771-8334.

Del Mar Highlands Town Center Christmas Celebration

Submitted by ken on Mon, 12/12/2011 - 18:56

It seems that Santa Arrives at the Del Mar Highlands Town Center on Wednesday, December 14, 2011, 5:00 to 7:00 PM in the upper and lower plaza near the theater. Bring your camera. Festivities include Dickens Carolers, Hot Chocolate and Cookies! Also, donate a toy to the Marine Toys 4 Tots Foundation, and attend a special presentation at 6:00 PM for the Be True To Your School "Save the Arts" program in support of Carmel Valley Schools.

One Paseo, More Comparisions to Local Developments

Submitted by ken on Mon, 12/12/2011 - 18:41

One Paseo - Carmel Valley, San DiegoI'm not against the idea of a large, mixed use project in Carmel Valley. In fact, I support the general idea (if it's at the right scale.) However, I believe the developer of the One Paseo, San Diego project is not providing a true picture of what the project will look like, and we deserve full disclosure for a project of this magnitude. So, until Kilroy gives us some good comparisons, I'll continue to look for my own. See the One Paseo section for more posts on this subject and the One Paseo image.

Here's a Picture of the La Jolla Crossroads (click for larger image) development in UTC (or, click here for google maps). I first thought this was way too dense for comparison, but I now believe it's not that far off -- 5 stories of residential (One Paseo is 5 to 6 stories), and the four buildings along Sydney Ct. (click for google maps) are about the same length as the Del Mar Heights Road frontage of One Paseo (click for google maps). That is, if you look at the Google Maps view, the 4 buildings on the right are similar in size an scale to what is being proposed for residential development along Del Mar Heights Road in Carmel Valley. Not exact, but similar (I believe these buildings have a bit larger footprint, but the height and density are similar. If Kilroy has a better comparison or any comments, I'd love to post it.)

Update: Kilroy claims that "Most of the residential proposed is 4 stories as it faces the outside community, mirroring the other residential on the other side of Del Mar Heights Road." I don't see how this makes sense. The residential across the street is 2 stories, not 4 or 5. And, their own One Paseo Detailed Site Plan shows 5 and 6 story buildings along Del Mar Heights, although it could be 4 and 5 story, with the 5 and 6 story buildings reserved for "Main Street". And, what about that 10 story residential tower at High Bluff... More info, Kilroy? Please?

As a reality check, here's an image of those same four La Jolla Crossroads buildings overlayed on the One Paseo site (images from Google Maps). I believe I've kept the same scale, you're welcome to check my work:

One Paseo - Carmel Valley, San Diego

Earl Warren and Carmel Valley Middle Schools Need Your Help!

Submitted by ken on Thu, 12/08/2011 - 18:20

The Del Mar Times just ran a story about a Fundraising Drive at Earl Warren Middle School. It's unfortunate that the local middle schools receive very little in the way of fundraising dollars from local parents. The reason for this might be that they're two year schools, so no one gets very attached to them, or it could be that the Rancho Santa Fe kids stay in their own district through high school. For whatever reason, the two local middle schools raise less money than the elementary schools or high schools and could REALLY use your help! If you'd like to donate, see the Earl Warren Middle School PTSA page, or the Carmel Valley Middle School PTSA page. I'm sure they'll appreciate whatever you can give!

Piazza Carmel Christmas Celebration 2011

Submitted by ken on Fri, 12/02/2011 - 09:05

Piazza Carmel is holding it's Christmas Celebration on Saturday, December 3, 2011 from Noon to 3:00 PM. The event includes: Pictures with Santa, Kids Crafts, Real Snow, Carnival Games, Face Painter, Balloon Artist, Raffle Prizes, Petting Zoo and Performances by The Royal Dance Academy & Church's Martial Arts Studio. All at the Piazza Carmel Shopping Center, 3890 Valley Centre Drive, San Diego, CA 92130.

Update on Del Mar Heights Burglaries

Submitted by ken on Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:21

Here's an update from the SD Police on the recent burglary series: As most of you know, Northwestern Division has been experiencing a series of residential burglaries. Most of these burglaries have occurred west of the I-5 freeway between 5 pm to 10 pm. Most of the homes that are being broken into are “Vacation homes” and are not occupied year round. Usually the home is dark inside and no exterior lighting is visible.

Lots of Rain...

Submitted by ken on Sat, 11/12/2011 - 16:55

Well, we really did get hit by this one, it looks like an inch or so of rainfall (turn off your sprinklers!) The radar image here tells the whole story! On the other hand, I looked at the Mammoth Mountain website to see how much snow they were getting, and it's blue sky and sunshine! Weird.

Rain Again?

Submitted by ken on Wed, 11/09/2011 - 00:02

Rain forecast again for the weekend, consider turning off your sprinklers. Remember that the water department sets your sewer rates in the winter months, so the less water you use, the less you'll pay for the next year!